Embrace the changing seasons with this uplifting vinyasa flow playlist

September can be a time of many changes, as the kids go back to school, we shift from Summer to Autumn as the light begins to fade and for many of us it's a time of establishing new routines of goals, much like January can be. Try this uplifting vinyasa flow playlist to embrace all the feels of the lingering light and changes ahead.

10 Epic Springtime Savasana Quotes To Renew Your Energy

Spring is all about renewal, planting seeds of desire ready to manifest your future, fresh starts and rebirth as the birds return home to nest (as well as spanning over some key dates such as Mother's Day and Earth Day). Here are some of my favourite Springtime savasana readings to speak to your soul.

Keep calm amidst the Xmas chaos with this simple breathing technique you can do anywhere, anytime

Let's face it, even with the best will in the world and plenty of forward planning, the festive season can be a stressful time. With busy crowds, lots of social engagements and most likely not enough sleep and greens it's easy to find your blood pressure rising and tempers fraying. Try out this easy breathing technique that anybody can do, anywhere, anytime.

Clear away the grey skies with this uplifting vinyasa flow playlist

The days are getting shorter, the skies are grey and the rain has been free falling. But you can break free of the bleakness with this uplifting vinyasa flow playlist, sure to energise both your spirits and your practice. I'd love to know if you use this playlist, or any songs from it for your … Continue reading Clear away the grey skies with this uplifting vinyasa flow playlist

How to start YOGA

Forget the whole “New Year, New You” mentality, anytime is the perfect time to try something new. Perhaps you’ve been noticing yoga from afar, but have no idea how to get into it. Or maybe you’ve dabbled in the past, but it’s never quite stuck. Whatever your reason, the below tips are the perfect way to start your yoga practice TODAY!